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2020 No Pants Subway Ride


Train riders in 20 cities around the globe shed their trousers for the annual No Pants Subway Ride.

The event, first organized in 2002 by performance group Improv Everywhere, featured hundreds of people riding commuter trains in their underwear Sunday in cities including Chicago, Boston, Berlin, Calgary, Dallas, Mexico City, Tokyo, London, Lisbon, Los Angeles, St. Peterburg, Melbourne and San Francisco.

“No Pants Subway Ride.” The point? To show off their assets while simultaneously giving everyone an opportunity to see the latest underwear trends. And, of course, to post pictures of themselves to Instagram. Organizers say the goal is to add humor for subway riders and celebrate silliness.

The flagship event in New York, which was the site of the first No Pants Subway Ride, featured more than 200 people alone. Organizers said this year’s ride was bolstered by unseasonably warm temperatures, which reached the high 60s Sunday.

In Chicago, where about 175 people without pants boarded the trains Sunday, participants braved more balmy conditions, with a high of 32 degrees.

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