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Adam Lambert’s new album ‘Velvet’ an exceptional offer

Adam Lambert Velvet

International superstar Adam Lambert has today released his brand new album Velvet. The album comes six months after the release of EP ‘Velvet: Side A’, which contributes part of the new full-length. Co-written by Adam Lambert alongside busbee, Jeremy Dussolliet, Tim Sommers, and Ryan Daly (produced by busbee, Ryan Daly and Tim “One Love” Sommers), the album includes ‘Superpower’ and recent single ‘Roses’, featuring Nile Rogers.

Lambert’s fourth studio album is a stand-out performance with 13 tracks which infuse his raw talent with soulful jazz influences.

The bouncy tracks which dominate the album are immensely enjoyable, while the slower and emotional parts add variety while remaining true to the vintage feel.

Velvet, the opening track of the album with the same name, is a powerful opener and sets the tone as Lambert expertly flirts with the jazz genre.

Alongside his music, Lambert has been busy launching his new non-profit organisation in support of LGBTQ+ human rights. The Feel Something Foundation aims to ensure support is given to the myriad of issues that continue to disproportionately affect the LGBTQ+ community, by working with charities that have a mission or project directly focussed on making an impact within areas of education & the arts; homelessness; suicide prevention and mental health. The Feel Something Foundation wants to abolish “coming out” as a term used to define someone simply being themselves.

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