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Argentina’s new president proud of his Drag Queen son

The newly elected president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, speaks and defends his Drag Queen son publicly.

Estanislao Fernández is Drag Queen Dyzhy, famous in the LGBT environment of Buenos Aires.

The 24-year-old graphic designer identifies with the male gender and has a girlfriend, but he has also explored his female identity and has had relationships with men and loves the Drag world.

Estanislao has the absolute support of his father, President Alberto Fernández, who will take office on December 10, 2019.

“He is the best kid I’ve met in my life. How are you going to annoy me if you ask me about my son if I feel pride in him?”

“My son is one of the most creative guys I’ve seen in my life”, he added. “In this world, which I don’t know much about, he is very respected and well recognized. I am proud of my son. How can I not be? He is a militant for the rights of this community”, he emphasized.

In several interviews, Estanislao has confirmed that he has a very close relationship with his father, although at first, he was afraid of the rejection he could face being a Drag Queen, something that he started after watching the RuPaul reality show in 2014.

“My first time as Drag was for a photoshoot of my friend Victoria. She needed photos of men and women and I told her I can make both”, he said in a report.

Estanislao defends the each person’s freedom to explore a fluid gender identity and a versatile sexuality. “Sexuality is an infinite spectrum. I chose to be in a relationship with my girlfriend Natalia Edith Leone and we have been together for three years”, he said. “My relationship with her is the longest, I had had relationships with boys before her”

Having diverse and inclusive families in politics, especially at such a high level and in such an important country for Latin America, sends a message of acceptance for the entire region.

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