Jason Ellis, Proud of His Bisexuality

Jason Ellis, a former MMA fighter and radio host for Sirius XM, has just written a powerful essay for The Advocate about the unique struggles he faces as a bisexual man married to a woman. “My experiences with the LGBTQ community have been, up to now, almost exclusively sexual in nature. Hook-up sites. Sex clubs. Group […]

Scientists Feeling Optimistic about an HIV Vaccine by 2021

Two of the world’s leading HIV experts have suggested that we are approaching a usable HIV vaccine. There are currently three vaccines in clinical trials in humans. These vaccines are known as HVTN 702, Imbokodo and Mosaic. Dr. Susan Buchbinder is the director of the Bridge HIV research program at the San Francisco Department of Public Health. […]

Conchita Wurst’s Great Performance in Vienna

This was the third time that the use of the Vienna cathedral was allowed for the charity concert during World AIDS Day. The star that stood out most during the concert was Conchita Wurst. There was no better Austrian representative at the moment than Conchita, who sang during the charity event “Believe Together”. The winner of […]

Sprite excites everyone with a video about diverse families

Sprite launched a new announcement celebrating LGBT+ Pride and the diverse families struggling for inclusion. Get ready, because the video will make you cry. Sprite’s new video “No está solx” has gone viral on networks since it was released on Friday, November 1. This announcement, although it is aimed at supporting LGBT+ youth, also seeks to celebrate […]

Argentina’s new president proud of his Drag Queen son

The newly elected president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, speaks and defends his Drag Queen son publicly. Estanislao Fernández is Drag Queen Dyzhy, famous in the LGBT environment of Buenos Aires. View this post on Instagram ? The storm approaches ? – Les dejo una fotuchi del segundo dīa de @argentinagameshow donde estuve como Janna Star […]

Brian J. Smith (Sense8) comes out as gay

In a recent interview for Attitude magazine, actor Brian J. Smith publicly came out of the closet and gave details of how he lived his childhood and adolescence as a result of bullying. Brian J. Smith said he was trying to be “discreet” at all times and not misinterpret “looks.” “I could never be who […]

Tanning salons are for gays and can cause cancer

A new and innovative study by Stanford University has found that indoor tanning salons can be aimed specifically at gay people. Not only that, but gay men exhibit higher rates of skin cancer. The researchers are now wondering: Could there be a connection? The study analyzed ten major cities in the USA. USA: Los Angeles, […]

The airline that censored Rocketman’s gay content

All open indications of homosexuality have been removed from the version of Elton John’s biographical film, Rocketman, available for viewing in flight with Delta Air Lines. This news comes even though the company promised two years ago that movies on board would no longer censor queer content. The airline was surprised by showing a censored […]

4 Ways to Reject Someone in a Dating App Instead of ignoring It

Do you clearly reject someone in a dating application with a reply message or just ignore it? For each profile that says: “Please block or ignore if you are not interested”, you will meet another person who says: “I will always respond to all messages – I think it is not right not to do […]