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Do you prefer to date masculine men?

The clip is from YouTube channel Jubilee, a series where they ask six people from a single group questions and see how their opinions differ. For this group of gay men, they weigh in on a simple statement: “I prefer masculine men.”

Three guys strongly agreed, two somewhat agreed, and only one disagreed but just “somewhat.”

“Personally, I’m a really feminine, flamboyant person,” said Josh who strongly agreed, “so having that same energy with another person doesn’t really seem attractive to me.”

“Yes, there’s a lot of innate attraction of what you like,” says Ellias, the lone disagreer. “But I think there’s a lot of social pressure that you don’t even realize is happening subconsciously that you’re trained to like. I do like masculine men as well then I was kind of taking a step back, [I asked myself] why is that? Why do I like that? Am I being kind of force-fed that?”

Watch the full video below:

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