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First Openly Gay Dancehall Artiste Demaro Releases Debut Single

Dancehall’s first openly gay solo artist Demaro hopes his music can break stigmas in Jamaica toward the LGBTQ community.

Demaro has released his first song called ‘Mi Readi’ as he tries to get dancheall fans to adopt more open views about the LGBTQ community.

He told Billboard magazine: “I want people to listen to my music with an open mind and know that I’m a gay artist who’s been through some struggles, but I’m still here not giving up”

He revealed that he knew he was gay from a very young age but kept it hidden as Jamaica does not have laws that protect sexuality at this time. Another reason he kept his preference hidden was because he grew up in Westmoreland.

His debut EP, Good Vibes Only, may be released in spring 2020.

Mira el video “Mi Readi” de Demaro a continuación:




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