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First transgender woman to perform at an NBA halftime show

Riley Knoxx

Riley Knoxx became the first trans woman to perform in an NBA halftime show last Friday (March 6).

Knoxx, a Beyonce impersonator nicknamed “The Illusion of Queen Bey,” performed at Pride Night for the Washington Wizards during a game against the Atlanta Hawks.

Riley Knoxx is known to be the most prolific Beyonce impersonator in the game today, performing as Queen B all over the country, on stage with Miley Cyrus, and appearing in Taylor Swift’s music video “You Need To Calm Down”.  Her recent performance though, has broken some true boundaries; The Washington Wizards hosted its annual Pride Night last Friday and Knoxx became the first openly transgender woman to perform at an NBA halftime show. She performed a three song medley of Beyonce’s classic hits and was joined by the Washington Wizards dancers.


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