Top 10 Best LGBTQ+ Coming of Age Movies

Top 10 Best LGBTQ+ Coming of Age Movies

These films teach us lessons we’re happy to learn over and over again. When it comes to coming of age movies, these LGBTQ movies do it best! For this list, we’re looking at coming of age films that feature gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or otherwise queer protagonists. However, we won’t be considering movies like “Brokeback […]

to see: ‘The Third’

The Third is a new show created by Matthew Lynn as a Bridge the Divide Media original show.  The Pilot was recently bought by Dekkoo Streaming Service and will be going into production on Season 1 in February 2019. In this provocative, sexy new Dekkoo-original series, a young man enters into a passionate three-way relationship […]

Illustrator Tommy Taylor reimagines Disney princes as gays under lockdown

In illustrator Tommy Taylor’s últimas series sexy , our favorite Disney characters are just like us! Tarzan is re-quarantining him, Naveen takes valuable time looking after himself, and Pinocchio has found a new way to give himself pleasure. It seems that these childhood favorites are adults. Check out Tom’s work below:


Lucio Castro’s poignant and sexy romance will break your heart and mend it all at once. In his alluring debut feature, Lucio Castro offers both a sun-soaked European travelogue and an epic, decades-spanning romance. When Ocho (Juan Barberini), a 30-something Argentine poet on vacation in Barcelona, spots Javi (Ramón Pujol), a Spaniard from Berlin, from […]

Museum Asks People To Recreate Paintings With Stuff They Can Find at Home

The Getty Museum

The Getty Museum in Los Angeles challenged art fans to post photos of themselves recreating their favorite works of art from the safety of their homes. People responded with a lot of enthusiasm and flooded social media with their unique artistic interpretations. Can you re-create an artwork with items around your house? Get inspired by the […]

Watch the documentary: Talk About Open Relationships

Alternative relationship models such as open relationships are often misunderstood, or dismissed as ultimately unfeasible—even by leading relationship experts. Maria Rosa Badia’s new short film Polyedric Love, on The Atlantic, features honest conversations with couples about the rewards and challenges of their unconventional relationships. About This Series A showcase of cinematic short documentary films, curated by The […]

Events near me

Tampa FL January 15th Amalie Arena presents Celine Dion. This is her Courage World Tour, her first U.S. tour in over 10 years. Tickets, which start at $46, can be purchased at Sarasota FL January 16th 8:00pmVan Wezel Performing Arts Hall/800-826-9303 The Van Wezel presents The Naked Magicians.Seen in Las Vegas, London’s West End, […]

Young LGBTQ+ from Tampa Bay are convened for free art workshop

Equality Florida has announced opportunities for young LGBTQ artists to showcase their talents. Tampa Bay LGBTQ+ artists who are 18 and under are invited to participate in Equality Florida’s free LGBTQ+ Youth Art Workshop on Feb. 1 from 12:30–3:30 p.m. at the Florida CraftArt Gallery. Tampa Bay fan favorite artist and Diversity Arts Founder John Gascot will lead participants in creating […]

‘Daddy Couture’ new brand for Homosexuals

MATTHEW CAMP AND A PORN ACTRESS HAVE TAKEN OVER THIS BRAND FOR HOMOSEXUALS We are not exaggerating by saying that we are living (or entering, at least) an era in which porn actors are considered magnates. The rise of social media and subscription sites has revolutionized the ways in which sex workers are able to […]