Shampoo Bottle Challenge on Twitter: Definitely weird

  Trending on Twitter: #ShampooChallenge #ShampooBottleChallenge People are getting a shampoo bottle from their bathroom, and attempting to balance it on their penis. Then, they are taking a photo and uploading it to Twitter to prove it. It is unclear who definitely started the challenge but it is thought to be one Twitter user, @hurtpapi. The user […]

Scientists have turned the structure of the coronavirus into music

coronavirus music

Scientists have turned the structure of the coronavirus into music. At @MIT, a team of scientists led by @profbuehlermit are using "sonification" to turn virus proteins into musical sequences. This innovative technique helps scientists see — or hear — which antibodies or drugs might help fight COVID-19. (via @vinven7) — The Team at X […]

The official Twitter account for Grindr shaded Eminem after the rapper used the gay hook-up app in a meme he created for the Dolly Parton Challenge

The Dolly Parton memes started days after the country icon celebrated her 74th birthday. She captioned the tweet for her meme, “Get you a woman who can do it all.” This sparked the #DollyPartonChallenge, prompting fans and celebrities alike to reveal their different looks on social-networking apps. While Em’s Grindr photo is amusing, his Instagram […]

Florida Republicans submit 4 anti-gay bills

The state lawmakers — Rep. Anthony Sabatini, Sen. Dennis Baxley, Rep. Bob Rommel, Sen. Joe Gruters, Rep Michael Grant, Sen. Keith Perry, and Rep. Byron Donalds — together introduced the four pieces of legislation, each with a companion bill in the House and the Senate. even Republican lawmakers in Florida filed anti-LGBTQ bills late Monday, […]