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Aydian Dowling • TransActivist

Aydian recibió atención nacional en 2015 cuando fue nombrado ganador de Reader Choice de Men’s Health Ultimate Guy. Este evento monumental marcó a Aydian como el primer hombre transgénero en la portada de una revista convencional.

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Today my heart breaks for all the Transgender Youth in Alabama just trying to live their lives as the beautiful powerful expressions of humanness they are. ❤️ • I am here to stand in the face of people who say we are bad, and turn my back on them so I can face YOU and tell you that YOU ARE ENOUGH! We are not to be the puppets on a string that legislation like this wants us to be. We are resilient- We are strong. And Transgender Youth should not have to be burdened with this type of hatred. How can you hate children? I’m sending you love- I’m sending you strength- Your older Trans Folks will keep fighting because you shouldn’t of ever had to. • • “The legislation, SB 219, makes it illegal for doctors to prescribe puberty blocking medications or opposite gender hormones to minors. The companion bills also ban hysterectomy, mastectomy or castration surgeries from being performed on minors. Violations would constitute a Class C felony.” • “A class C felony in the state of Alabama can get you a prison sentence of three to 15 years, as well as a fine up to $10,000.” • This can still be stalled in the House if we use our voices and stand together! Don’t let this go unnoticed!! • • If you stand with Trangender Youth in Alabama and all over the world drop a ✊? below! • • • • • Thank you to @chasestrangio & @thechrismosier for fighting for Trans youth and keeping us informed on what’s going on. Check them out to keep updated! #iamnotacrime #mytransnessisnotacrime #iamnotaburden #transyouthdeserverespect #transyouth #youth #alabama #lgbtq #queeryouth #SB219 #protecttranskids #aydiandowling #tranman #ftm #youareenough #nevergiveup #gotyourback

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