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Insta411:Sam Morris

sam morris

“Wearing masculinity as an outfit to conform is not healthy,” says the Berlin-based erotic artist and filmmaker Sam Morris. “Men should express both sides of their personalities freely, without prohibition, how and when they wish.”

sam morris

Formerly a child actor in London, Sam, now 31, appeared in various TV shows and West End productions. Later, he trained to become a professional dancer. For the past few years, as erotic film developed into Sam’s area of expertise, Berlin has been home.

His films aren’t scripted or planned; the hookups are honest. His partners are hot, yes, but they aren’t actors or porn stars. Thus his work bleeds into the realm of documentary. It isn’t traditional porn, per se — there isn’t always penetration or the famed “money shot” — but chemistry is guaranteed.

In his films, Morris embraces masculinity while also recognizing a man’s inherent femininity. (You can stream them on his website He believes that the body and sex can be explored in a beautiful, artistic way without being smutty or cheap.

“I look at my subject as how somebody would look at their boyfriend from across the bedroom in the morning,” Sam Morris explains. “That romantic yet vulnerable sensibility that only happens inside your own home. I want to capture something that is raw but sensitive. And I like the quirks and nervousness that goes alongside getting naked in front of a camera for the first time. I have no rules, and I tell my subjects this every time: nothing you do is wrong, and you can explore as far as you feel comfortable.

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