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Jacki Weaver ditches the diocese for drag queens in wild Stage Mother

The Australian actress fronts the bonkers trailer for the upcoming queer-themed movie Stage Mother.

The Academy Award winner plays Maybelline in the heartwarming comedy-drama, a church choir director whose son, a gay San Francisco club owner, suddenly dies.


After his death, she soon discovers her son’s struggling gay bar will soon go bankrupt and she’s inherited it.

But she doesn’t close it down. Instead, she shocks everyone by moving from Texas to San Francisco to take over the venue.

Maybelline finds herself becoming drag mother to all the venue’s performers, who become her new family. She even gets up onstage herself to perform alongside the other queens.

“I’m a Southern Baptist choir mistress,” she responds when asked what she knows about drag.

“Different songs, same divas… some of the same wigs, too.”

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