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Jason Ellis, Proud of His Bisexuality

Jason Ellis, a former MMA fighter and radio host for Sirius XM, has just written a powerful essay for The Advocate about the unique struggles he faces as a bisexual man married to a woman.

“My experiences with the LGBTQ community have been, up to now, almost exclusively sexual in nature. Hook-up sites. Sex clubs. Group sex with men. I’ve done it all–well, almost all,” he writes.

Ellis, 48, host of The Jason Ellis Show weekdays on Sirius XM Radio, lives in Australia. He married his wife, Katie Gilbert, in 2017, a year after publicly dating as bisexual.

“I’m married to a woman I love. I’m lucky enough to be able to have sex with men as well,” he writes. “I find diverse people of all genders sexy and attractive. But I don’t want my inclusion in the community to be just sexual. I want it to be deeper.”

Ellis’s feelings are nothing new, sadly. Numerous studies have found that bisexuals suffer higher rates of depression and substance abuse than other groups due to the double discrimination they face.

“… I would like to be part of the community. The “B” was put there for a reason. And if you’re going to use it, then I ask the community to make a greater effort to find people like me and include us in the community and in your events.” Ellis wrote.

Ellis concludes by imploring people who, if they are going to include the “B” in LGBTQ, then they should start including the “B” in LGBTQ.

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