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Sprite excites everyone with a video about diverse families

Sprite launched a new announcement celebrating LGBT+ Pride and the diverse families struggling for inclusion. Get ready, because the video will make you cry.

Sprite’s new video “No está solx” has gone viral on networks since it was released on Friday, November 1. This announcement, although it is aimed at supporting LGBT+ youth, also seeks to celebrate the families that everyday fight alongside their sons and daughters for their rights.

The campaign came from Sprite Argentina as a way to celebrate the 28th Gay Pride of Buenos Aires, which took place on Saturday, November 2. Therefore, in this video you can see several families getting ready to attend this important event.

First, a mother helps her son put on makeup. A sister also attends a trans boy to put the binder with which she can hide her breasts. Likewise, a grandmother is seen accommodating her grandson drag’s corset. And these are not all the familiar emotional scenes that you will see in the video.

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Although hundreds of users were moved and excited by this video, there were others who doubted the intentions of the brand. One person protested saying that, with this announcement, they are only taking advantage of an important moment for LGBT+. However, it was other Twitter users who reminded him that this is not the first time in the year that Sprite has been advertising in support of the community.

In addition, it is also important to recognize that this video is not an isolated campaign. Actually, it is part of “You are not alone, stay fresh”, an initiative through which Sprite has tried to connect with a younger and more diverse audience.

Hopefully, more companies will take this example and not only show their support through videos and campaigns, but also with collaborations between companies and LGBT+ associations, support for their diverse employees, among other things.

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