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Tampa among top markets for renters looking to move from somewhere else

According to “Knowing where Americans are moving to and from is key to understanding the evolution of our nation’s cities. Publicly available migration data from Census tracks these trends, but that data source captures moves that have already occurred and is released with a fairly lengthy time lag. Search data from platforms such as Apartment List can help supplement our understanding of migration patterns by serving as a leading indicator that shows where renters are looking to move before those moves have actually occurred.”

“In this report, we analyze data on millions of searches to see where our users are preparing to move, shedding new light on the migration patterns of America’s renters. These patterns are of particular importance, as long-distance moves are often motivated by employment opportunities, with research showing that residential mobility can drive economic advancement.”

More than 44 percent of people who searched on for the Tampa Bay area from June to December were outside the region, according to a report from Apartment List.

The following chart shows the nation’s 25 largest metros ranked on this metric:



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