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Tampa Bay announce unofficial, digital Tampa Pride weekend

The unofficial, digital Tampa Pride was spearheaded by fan favorite Central Florida and Tampa Bay entertainer Kirk DaVinci, Mr. Tampa Pride 2020. The performer announced the weekend of online performances March 26.

“I have come up with an amazing idea and would love everyone’s support with this!” DaVinci shared via social media. “As you all know, Tampa Pride was supposed to be this weekend, but had to be rescheduled due to COVID-19. During this time, we have to come together!

“Myself along with some amazing entertainers are here to remind everyone that we will not let this stop us from entertaining the masses and putting on an amazing show,” he continued. “I’m well aware that we cannot gather in groups at this time, but digital technology is so prevalent right now. We will have a Tampa Pride Digital Weekend!!!”

Friday 3/27/20 Late Night Online Party
9:00pm – Freya Rose Young
9:15pm – Solaris the belly dancer
9:30pm – LaDiamond Haze
9:45pm – Tony Tesla Harleigh Rodriguez-Conner
10:00pm – Kirk DaVinci
10:30pm – Mr Vyn Suazion RJ Leszczynski

Saturday 3/28/20 Online Dinner Party
5:00pm – Mr Vyn Suazion
5:30pm – Lilith Black Drew Hawk
5:45pm – Kirk DaVinci
6:00pm – Rockell Blu Robert Rigsby
6:15pm – Alyssa Hailey Walker
6:30pm – Brittany Nicole (Britt Brett)
6:45pm – Juno Vibranz Kenneth Lawson

Sunday 3/29 Online Brunch
12:30pm – Kirk DaVinci
1:00pm – Athena Cassandra Riccione
1:15pm – Michelle Isabella Scene
1:30pm – Russell Mania Russell Hess
1:45pm – Larmani Larmani
2:00pm – Daffodyl Haze
2:15pm – Quinones Jr. Izzi
2:30pm – Holly Louya
2:45pm – A Juno Porter (Francis Queerbot Nine-Thousand)

This list can be added to. If any entertainers would like a time slot, please lmk ASAP please.

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