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Tampa man arrested for threatening to murder every gay

La policía de Tampa arrestó a Ralph Perkins, de 50 años, el martes, luego de las amenazas que hizo para “eliminar a toda la comunidad gay en Tampa “. Aparentemente, Perkins había sido rechazado en una aplicación de citas.

Ralph Perkins was arrested on a charge of making a written threat to conduct a mass shooting. He is also a registered sex offender, according to state records, as a result of a 2004 arrest in Alabama.

Police said Perkins wrote these threats:

“I like to take a gun I like to wipe the whole gay community out in Tampa and then kill myself” and “That’s going to be my ultimate present to Tampa Florida is the annihilator the gay community before I kill myself,”

He was booked into the Hillsborough County jail, where he was being held late Wednesday without bail.

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