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The alleged murderer of a gay teenager shared horrifying photos of her body on the internet.

Bianca Devins,17, was tragically murdered on July 14 (Bianca Devins / Instagram)

The Instagram influencer was partially decapitated in a brutal murder on Sunday (July 14), just one day after coming out as LGBT + online. Brandon Andrew Clark, the alleged murderer of Bianca Devins, circulated graphic photos of her body on Instagram. The photos remained on Instagram for several hours before being removed but had already been shared hundreds of times, according to Buzzfeed News. A user of Discord who saw the photos was the first to alert the authorities. Subsequently, the police confirmed that the photos were authentic.

Devins lived in Utica, New York. She had more than 20,000 followers on Instagram and came out as LGBT + on a Tellonym question the day before her death. She had also identified herself as a biromantic asexual.

She met Brandon,21, on Instagram and the two started a romantic relationship. On July 13th they had attended a concert in New York City where they broke into an argument and continued after returning. The argument ended with Clark partially decapitating Bevins with a knife and calling 911 to confess. Once the police arrived at the murder site, they found Clark had stabbed himself in the neck with the same knife he used to kill Devins, laying down across her body and taking photos of himself with her corpse.

Clark has been charged with second-degree murder.

A family member of Devins, indicated that the family is still in a state of shock, but are planning to make additional public statements soon.

The family has set up a donation account which can be accessed here and the funds will go towards a scholarship fund for local students.

They made a statement which reads:

The Family of Bianca Devins would like to inform the public that our Family has not, at this time, authorized or set up internet or other fund-raising or donation sites for Bianca or in Bianca’s name.

Unfortunately, there are some fund-raising sites that have been put up on the internet purporting to be raising funds for Bianca and these are not legitimate sites.

The Devins/Williams Family will be setting up a donation site in Bianca’s name as a scholarship program for local students. At the proper time this will be made public and specifically be approved by the Devins/Williams Family.

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