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To start on Monday: meet Dominic Albano

Dominic Albano (@dominicaalbano) is a New York-based actor and model who’s known for Mason and Fantasies.

“Who Am I, Anyway?

“I started off in the fitness industry, working as a personal trainer (with a background in nutrition), when I was scouted by an agent to model in New York City. I was sent to test with a world renowned photographer and started booking swimwear, underwear, commercial and lifestyle jobs after. After some time, I transitioned into the theatrical world, studying and auditioning for film, television and commercials.

My first few years, I was a sponge, taking everything in. I didn’t choose this industry, it chose me. I had to decide if I wanted to stick with it or go back to personal training. I did not like the “Hollywood Factory”, an assembly line of actors and models going to auditions and castings – the rejection, the pressures, the expectations, the rules about what is and isn’t acceptable.

I formed an identity and established a brand, which was inspired by the underground world of erotic film, high art, fashion and photography. I think the beauty of life is the freewill to make choices based off of what we are drawn to or find appealing. You take inspirations and form your own version of that to make the version of yourself that you want.

The future of my brand in entertainment and fashion is still unknown to me, but just when I feel there are no more aveunes to go down, a new road opens up.”

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