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Warm Up! With This Dance Session From Fitness Marshall

The Fitness Marshall’s he just dropped a new routine to “React” by The Pussycat Dolls.

Since launching his YouTube channel in October 2014, Caleb Marshall, aka “The Fitness Marshall,” has been rocking some serious dance moves and motivating thousands to get into shape. His fun, upbeat videos use the latest pop hits and pair them with his own innovative and funky choreography.

The Fitness Marshall hails from Marion, IN, where as a kid he fell in love with all things Britney Spears and dance. During his 2017 world tour, Marshall shared that he felt very awkward as a kid and that dance was the key to self-expression and acceptance. Dance became and remains his “medicine.” Marshall participated in show choir in high school, but it wasn’t until he was attending Indiana University (with a major in film production) that he began to teach cardio hip-hop fitness classes. Initially the classes were an outlet for him to entertain people and channel his inner Britney Spears, but by his senior year, a career in fitness became his goal.



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